Friday, January 16, 2015

About Me


My name is Karen Wilfong. I am currently near completion of my M.Ed in Instructional Technology with an emphasis in Administrative and Organizational Studies. I received a B.A. from University of Michigan with a major in Language Arts/Education and a minor in Integrated science. I have experience within a diverse range of industries. I worked for a manufacturing company in inside sales, the medical field, health services compliance for the county, I taught science in Utah, digital publishing services for an educational publisher, and an educator at a charter school.

I also enjoy reading comedy articles and is one of my favorite places to do that. I have laughed hysterically at some of the articles. I also like to read lists, listverse is another favorite read. I especially like to read about weird, unusual oddities and reading true crime books because the psychology behind it is fascinating. I enjoy learning new, unrelated things and my favorite way to learn is through reading, the favored mode of learning by me. Please use the following links to see my ePortfolio and examples of prior work.

Weebly: ePortfolio
Twitter: @KalynnWilfong

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  1. Welcome. I chuckled when you mentioned Cracked magazine...or at least that's how I remember it. I was probably the last generation to read Cracked or Mad in print rather than online. I'm glad they managed to adapt to the new world of online comics and entertainment.